6 ways to help make your child more comfortable in the hospital.

You want to make your child’s hospital visit as stress free as possible. Here are six ways to help that goal along.

  1. Be there as much as possible. It’s hard to spend every moment at the hospital with your sick child. You might have a job that your family depends on, or other children that have to be taken care of too. But your presence at the bedside is the single most comforting thing you can give to your child.
  2. Bring Favorite Stuffed Animals. Just their favorite ones, it will help when they are having scary treatments. Have the hospital staff put an identification bracelet on their stuffies so they can be returned to the right owner if they go missing.
  3. Pack their favorite blanket and pillow.
  4. Bring some of their clothing. If they are able to not have to wear a hospital gown all the time, their own clothes will make them more comfortable.
  5. Stock their favorite snacks. Everyone knows hospital food its not the same as home cooking even though I’m sure they try their best. I dont think its practical to make their favorite home cooked meals, but its possible to have their favorite snacks.
  6. Bring a tablet with their favorite shows and movies. Lots of time to pass in a hospital, having their favorite movies available with help pass it.

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