Make a Sensory Bin to Occupy your Toddler

Sitting in a bed all day is no fun for any toddler. and its a struggle to come up with things to keep them busy.

But putting together a sensory bin is easy and good for their development.

Start with a tupperware container of any size really, but keep in mind your limited storage areas at the hospital bedside. A container 12 inches by 8 inches I think is ideal. You want to put stuff in there that will keep them entertained for a while. Here are some ideas on what to put in the bin for endless hours of entertainment:

Dyed Pasta Everyone has some around and if not ,its easy to find. Good for counting and sorting and can be strung into necklaces.

Marshmallows and toothpicks If you have a budding engineer, this will keep them busy.

Rice is easy to dye, makes wonderful indoor sandboxes. If you really want to get into it add some tubes

Kinetic Sand The wonder of all products, I am simply fascinated with this stuff.

Chickpeas are easy to dye. Larger than rice so I find it easier to manage. Really any type of dried beans or popcorn would serve the purpose but may not be easy to dye if that’s what you wanted to do.

Cloud dough is a mix of flour and vegetable oil.

So many easy to use products you can put in there to keep they bored toddler busy.

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