Tips for Supporting Caregivers

Do you know someone whose child is in the hospital and you want to help? Here are several ways you can:

Visit but don’t go to visit the child, chances are that’s more disruptive, but go to visit the parents. It is stressful having a child in the hospital and sometimes they just want grown up company and conversation even if is just a cup of coffee at the shop downstairs.

Offer to Run Errands everyone has tons of errands to run all the time, offering to take that off their list of things to do is helpful. Do they need to run to Walmart to get more sleepwear or slippers for their child? then do that or do they have children at home they have to go grocery shopping for? then go to that.

Babysit, speaking of children at home, offer to watch their kids for them at home so they can take that off their mind and put all their focus on their hospitalized child.

Make meals They need to keep their strength up too, bringing them meals or preparing frozen meals for them saves them time from shopping and prepping and keeps them healthy by not relying on fast food thats easily available to them.

Laundry : Keeping the wheels running with regular everyday chores leave the caregivers with more time to concentrate on what they need to do.

Those are just a few examples of things you can do if you feel the need to be the caregiver to the caregivers- a very important role.

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